Lamborghini Reventon replica from scrap metal


It’s made from scrap metal, has a top speed most bicycles can beat, and is currently being used to transport fertiliser.

Apart from that, and a few other minor details like paint, this is an exact replica of an £840,000 Lamborghini Reventon supercar.

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The rusty roadster is a labour of love for mechanic and farmer Wang Jian who lives in the Jiangsu province in the east of China.

The 28-year-old, who developed a passion for cars as a young child, began his attempt to build his very own replica supercar in May last year when he bought a secondhand Volkswagen.

After first building a small model of the Lamborghini Reventón Mr Wang set to work on a full-sized version by re-welding the chassis and shifting the engine from the front of the vehicle to the back.

Although the work is now complete, the auto repair man is unable to cruise down the road in his mean machine because he cannot get a licence and instead uses it to transport fertiliser.

Mr Wang said building a supercar was something he had always wanted to do. He said: ‘I searched online and found this car is very cool, and more importantly there are only 21 Reventon cars worldwide.

‘I often felt I missed something as I wanted to build a unique car of my own.’

Mr Wang, who has loved cars from an early age and trained to be a mechanic at 16, built the vehicle for just £6,000, which is £834,000 less than the sale price of the authentic turbo-charged version.

Only a handful of Lamborghini Reventóns are reported to have been built by the famous Italian manufacturer, although there are also rumours that up to 100 were made.

The names of the majority of the wealthy owners who have purchased the swish Reventons, named after a bull who killed famed Mexican bullfighter Félix Guzmán in 1943, remain a mystery.

Aerodynamic lines like those found on aeroplanes are said to have inspired the car’s slick design and to illustrate this Lamborghini staged a race between a Reventón and a Panavia Tornado fighter plane on a two-mile runway.

Although it was in the lead for most of the way the Reventón, which went on sale in 2007, was passed by the Tornado in the final few feet of the race.

Mr Wang, who worked at an auto shop for a decade before opening his own business, opted to stick with the ‘natural’ rust look for his car, but the real Reventóns’ exterior colour is described as mid opaque grey.

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